Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is about taking the dreams and ideas of our team, and transforming them into reality. After the entire group decides on a few design ideas, engineers set to work on prototyping these ideas and testing their practicality. Here they get a chance to observe many mathematical and physics based concepts in action, working to minimize issues such as tension or torque, and making measurements that align with fundamental formulas such as the pythagorean theorem.

When it comes to the final construction of the robot, the mechanical team works in a relatively large group to create an impressive robotic framework that considers all aspects of design. Each year, the challenge presented allows for our engineers to observe new systems to power the robot, and new methods to perform the task. Thus, the job of a mechanical engineer is never boring, with many of our members spending hours poring over the thousands of solutions to a problem, and many hours more to utilize and test the chosen solution.

Ultimately, the mechanical aspects of The da Vinci Coders are some of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. Every part of the robot has some influence of the mechanical engineer, and the satisfaction of finally seeing one's robot in action is indescribable.