FIRST Robotics

FIRST stands for: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST Robotics is a fun community that engages high school robotics teams to engage in a challenge each year of creating a robot to complete a or multiple tasks within a game against other robots. Each team out of 60 high schools create their unique robot different from all others, each with their own unique functions and mechanisms.

What you'll learn

What we do

In our Robotics club you will get the chance to experience real life engineering scenarios. Learning team building skills as you work on the robot. How to properly use electrical and machinery tools. Most importantly you'll learn how to have fun with engineering and building a new family.

Through breaking down the challenge we are given, we will break up into teams and started discussing what each of the team needs to do in order to cooperating with other teams in making the final robot. As a team we will brainstorm what our robot shall do and what it will look like. From there we break our team into further sub-teams as seen below and get to work on each of their specific tasks.